What’s New – Job Seekers Dashboard

Here is a quick sneak-peak on some of the upgrades we have included inside this release!

What They See

Our CV builder will help you build a professional profile that stands out from the crowd. You just need to add your summery, education, experience, skills, portfolio & awards and we will do the rest. 

Just copy and paste the details from your CV and see how we build your professional profile that you can share with Employers and your network.

Your talent brand needs to stand out!

Customize your profile by adding a professional photo & a background image that reflects your personality. Than add your Education, Experience & Skills so Employers can find you and be impressed by you. 

When adding Skills stay conservative with your mark. Under-promise & over-deliver. 

Once you are all done, share your profile URL with the world!!

What You See

Job Seeker Home Page

Your new home page give you full access to build a professional profile, see jobs you have applied to, upload multiple resumes, see your favorite jobs and job alerts…

Resume Builder

Using our resume builder it is easy to create a stunning professional profile.

After all, the first impression is the last impression. 

Profile Completion Guide

We have also included a simple guide to help you complete your professional profile for better and more professional representation!

Free Professional CV Review

We know what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for and how to best present yourself on paper to maximize opportunities. You will get the following information with your free CV review:

  • Free, confidential, personalized evaluation from trusted experts
  • Objective feedback on layout, language and how well your CV communicates your skills and expertise
  • Personalized recommendations on how to make your CV stronger