TalentGuard (Retain & Develop)


With TalentGuard you will be able to build a Competency Framework based on the UAE National Talent needs and culture while giving your employees access to chart their own Career Paths.

TalentGuard is available with eight modules, four of which is shared here including Career Pathing, Development Planning, Performance Management and Succession Planning. All modules are Arabic enabled.




TalentGuard is the Predictive Development Company where we transform talent management with the power of cognitive and predictive cloud software.


Our award-winning talent management software has helped hundreds of companies to better engage, retain and develop talent. Our talent management technology transforms the way employees seek and discover personalized advice and recommendations about their career. We amplify your company’s ability to make informed, predictive decisions about your workforce.


The software focuses on the vital HR areas including performance management, career pathing, succession planning, 360 feedback, applicant tracking, learning management and development planning – all of which fully customizable to meet Emiratisation needs and contribute to the creation of a high-performance culture. We make it easier than ever for you to create a culture of engagement as opposed to a system of record.


Career Pathing

Career Development for the Modern Workforce

Career Pathing is a systematic approach to career development, enabling employees to map multiple career path scenarios, review job competencies and evaluate skill gaps. By giving employees the career pathing tools to chart their career progression, they become more engaged in their roles and the development of their careers.

Career Pathing Defined

Career development, personal growth and job progression have proven to engage employees. Many organizations are re-thinking career management to allow for more flexible employee career journeys. They are offering other ways to retain and engage employees, including dual career ladders, job redesign, job rotations, lateral career paths, upward and dialed-down career paths, encore career paths, consulting and contingent work opportunities.

Our Approach

Our Career Pathing and Career Development software changes the paradigm for career progression in the 21st century by enabling employers to establish clear strategies for how talent can grow from within. Our software helps:

  • Fuel employee enablement by recommending career paths, job enhancement, vacancies and job rotations aligned to skills, goals, and aspirations.
  • Empower leaders by helping them coach and support employees with meaningful conversations as they navigate the organization.
  • Build a workforce around organizational engagement which gives companies a competitive advantage.





Development Planning

Foster Learning, Feedback and Recognition

Development Planning Software provides the visibility needed to adjust career goals throughout the year. Our tool:

  • Enables employee to track career development goals all year long.
  • Provides managers with visibility into development activities and employee progress, provide real-time feedback and recognize employees.
  • Helps companies facilitates and measure short- and long-term goals across distributed teams for improved agility and more predictable attainment.

Development Planning Defined

Employee development planning is the process of tracking goals, recognizing employees and monitoring status on a regular basis. For many reasons, this valuable activity is often ignored, done improperly or handled as an afterthought during performance appraisals. As a result, employee dissatisfaction fuels many early exits. Development planning helps employees gain new skills and have more versatile relationships with their manager.

Our Approach 

Development Planning software is designed with employees in mind. Our software enables people to seamlessly engage with managers, coaches, and colleagues through a straightforward and cost-effective tool. Start helping your business succeed by giving managers a social method to interact with employees on a regular basis.




Performance Management

Measure What Gets Done and Recognize Great Work

Employees have three core needs: engaging work, recognition for doing a great job, and knowing what is going on in the company. TalentGuard’s Performance Management Software is a cloud solution that enables companies to:

  • Share corporate goals to align the organization and focus on results.
  • Support real-time feedback and career development planning.
  • Recognize and reward people based on key performance metrics.
  • Recommend relevant learning resources to stimulate professional growth.

With a robust performance review system, companies can move beyond the “one and done” evaluation process to an efficient and focused strategic talent management program.

Performance Management Defined

Bersin by Deloitte defines performance management as “the foundational element of any organization’s talent management efforts.  It represents all of the processes that managers use to effectively lead, manage, develop, reward, and assess employees.  In reality, performance management is management. As such, effective performance management is a series of ongoing activities – goal setting and revising, managing and coaching, development planning, rewarding and recognizing – with performance appraisal events interspersed throughout.  Performance management is not something that high-impact organizations “do,” but instead is a way that work gets done.”

Our Approach

Every organization has its own approach to performance management within their company. We can support basic employee evaluations and robust programs that include the evaluation of competencies, corporate objectives, role-based skills and development goals. Our performance review software supports a variety of methods to assess the achievement of goals including numeric ratings, descriptive indicators, descriptors, color scales and/or written feedback. Our award-winning, cloud-based Performance Management software fosters an efficient business process now and in the future.





Succession Planning

Gain Visibility into Best-Fit Candidates for Critical Roles

Succession Management software is a cloud solution that enables leaders to:

  • Align the organization based on current and future business needs.
  • Understand retention risks and enable proactive intervention.
  • Create a talent pipeline to fill future positions.
  • Recommend developmental opportunities to accelerate the growth of individuals and talent pools.

Succession planning software enables HR teams to determine key roles, identify high-potential employees who can fill those roles, create dedicated talent pools and accelerate the development of skills required to be successful.

Succession Planning Defined

PWC defines succession planning as “the process of defining future leadership and critical competencies, managing associated gaps, and identifying and developing internal talent who have the potential to fill pivotal positions within the organization.” Organizations can standardize processes for succession management and candidate selection.

Our Approach

TalentGuard Succession Planning software helps companies identify people with the right skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications to grow the company. It also increases the ease of finding, recognizing and promoting top performers. We work side-by-side with you to create detailed job role profiles critical to your growth that include performance history, competencies, skills, responsibilities and qualifications. TalentGuard offers many ways to assess your talent needs including the organization chart, nine-box talent grid and our talent matching tool. These tools allow you to quickly identify gaps in your current workforce versus talent needs in the future.




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