Sonru Video Interview


Simplify Your Recruitment Process Through Video Interview



Meet the best candidates earlier in the process, assess their fit, personality, drive and motivation while saving time and money.



Video Screening powered by Sonru is simply the best use of disruptive online video interviewing technology, designed specifically for the candidate selection process. 

Sonru continually invests in our product design, user experience and best in class technology so you can focus on candidate selection. Even better, you will unlock substantial time and cost efficiencies. 


Say goodbye to scheduling and conducting time-consuming first round phone, Skype or Face-to-Face interviews and say hello to structured automated video responses to your questions and tests which you can view and share when it suits.


How it works:

Sonru replicates the format of a phone, Skype or face to face interview.

  • The interviewer sets the questions,  based on your organization’s role, competency, and cultural fit criteria, setting the maximum read and answer times for each question.

  • Candidates log in to read and record their answers and are not online at the same time as the interviewer.

  • Like a traditional interview, candidates don’t see the questions in advance. They respond to one question at a time and get one chance to answer each question.



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