RESUME FORMAT: Mid Level Professional

Mid-level professionals typically have a strong background in managing teams or directing departments. Since they have anywhere from 7 - 15 years of experience, their resumes can be longer than one page.

Best format for Mid-Level Professionals

For a highly experienced candidate, adding a professional summary at the very top is a quick way to concisely convey his core competencies.

Use strong and relevant keywords to highlight phrases like “strategic planning”, “financial analysis”, “risk-assessment” – as mentioned in the job description.  

The professional experience is the bulk every resume, and details from your most recent (or current) position should account for about 75% of this section. Also, you do not need to include your first job.

A common mistake people make it an assumption that everyone knows what your company does. 

If you worked at a company that isn’t a household name, adding notable details about the organization (i.e., what it does, number of employees, annual revenue) will save the recruitment manager time from having to look it up.

Plus avoid using company logos as they are not machine (applicant tracking system) readable and could be distracting.

If your marketing plan contributed to a 40% increase in sales, make it loud and clear! No need to explain how you did it; the hiring manager will ask for more details during the interview.

Limit your job responsibility descriptions to just two or four of the most important points. By keeping things brief, you can dedicate more space to your proudest and most relevant achievements. This is a more powerful way to showcase what you can contribute to the next employer.

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