Promote Your Brand offers five distinct banner placement options to uniquely position and promote your brand to a niche audience. 



Here are some of the advantages of advertising on


  • It's a unique and unrivalled method of reaching your target audience in a very affordable, effective and engaging manner.
  • Unlike conventional media, online advertising is highly traceable and targeted.
  • Advertisers can very precisely monitor the performance of their advertisements.
  • Consumers who respond to online advertisements have the luxury of choosing the point in time at which they interact with the advertisement.
  • With a simple click of a button at their leisure consumers can better acquaint themselves with an advertised product.

More Advertising Options

In addition to the banner placements, above, advertisers can also choose the following methods to reach a niche audience of ~156k+ Nationals through: 

  1.  Registered Visitors

  2.  Applicants (data-base)

  3.  UAE & Saudi National Email Lists

  4.  Social Media Channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

  5.  Employer followers (registered on Employer page)

  6.  Job alert subscribers

Available Banner Sizes:

  • Header Banner Top - 1280 x 333
  • Header Banner Mid - 1280 x 120
  • Super Leaderboard - 1280 x 90
  • Rectangle - 300 x 250
  • Vertical Rectangle - 120 x 600
  • Vertical Wide Rectangle - 160 x 600


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