User-friendly, easy to post jobs & receive relevant applications. My first choice of preference. For me, I am happy with their service and I would confidently say they are now my first choice of preference.

Shurooq Hasan Altaher Senior Emiratization Manager, ABB

Received a good number of applicants (especially for the Abu Dhabi based job) but slightly less for the Dubai role, which was surprising. Very happy with quality of candidates & only received Emirati nationals.

Khalid Al-Sada Head of Recruitment and HR Operations, GIB

I was pleasantly surprised to receive both UAE & Saudi national applicants only. I will certainly recommend this platform and will use it again when we have the requirements.

Adey Zaghab Director - Middle East & Africa, ERUDITUS Executive Education

The campaign went really good as per now, only one non-national applied. All in all, is really great and I would recommend an reuse again if we have more job postings for Nationals coming up.``

IMSWARE Technology LLC


If Employer Branding is your priority, let us build your candidate experience.

  • Co Page Views: ~500+
  • Nurture Campaigns: 6
  • Upto 15 Postings
  • PRISM Talent Finder: 15 Credits
  • Jobs Active: 90 Days
  • Duration: 12 Months
Most popular
  • Showcase Page
  • Co Page Views: ~5k+
  • Nurture Campaigns: 12
  • Upto 50 Postings
  • Jobs Active: 90 Days
  • PRISM Talent Finder: 50 Credits
  • --- Email Campaigns ---
  • New Employer: 500 Candidates
  • Duration: 12 Months
Social Plus
  • Showcase Page
  • Co Page Views: ~10k+
  • Nurture Campaigns: 24
  • Applications: URL Redirect
  • Unlimited Postings
  • Jobs Active: 90 Days
  • Company Spotlight: 30 Days
  • PRISM Talent Finder: 150 Credits
  • --- Email Campaigns ---
  • New Employer: 1000 Candidates
  • New Job: 1000 Candidates
  • Duration: 12 Months
Showcase Page N Y Y
Embed Video in Job Postings N Y Y
Promote Team Member - Profiles N Y Y
Promote Workplace - Gallery N Y Y
Promote Employee Testimonials N Y Y
Nurture Campaigns N Y Y
Advanced Analytics N N Y
Featured Company $ $ Y
Featured Job $ $ $
Content Creation Services $ $ $
Branded Career-Fair Representation $ $ $
Company Spotlight $ $ 30 Days
Type Phone 1h On-sight 2h On-sight 4h



Update Your Employer Branding & Digital Content

- Fully Customized Showcase Page
- 5 HD Employee Testimonials
- 50 HD Workplace Images
- Includes Script / Story Writing
- Includes Video / Still Camera Shoot
- Includes Video Editing

* Content is owned by the Employer and will be shared with the Employer


In today’s ‘social-world’, a job posting is not enough to attract exceptional UAE National Talent. With Company Page & Jobs LIVE, it is imperative to drive traffic by reaching out to the target audience. Our social media team has mapped out the UAE National Talent landscape to connect your career opportunities to the target audience based on the job requirements like; job location, gender, age, education, qualifications, …. to maximize your ROI.

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