Appical - App for Onboarding and Exit-Interviews


Appical - App for Onboarding and Exit-Interviews (Arabic enabled)




As the competition for talent heats up, organizations are re-evaluating their competitive advantages and user experiences. 

To put the essence of the organization at the heart of the new employee, organizations need to reach the right people at the right time with the right message consistently, only then do you create the ultimate onboarding experience! 






The advantages

> Reduce administrative tasks to a minimum

> Strategic approach to personnel management

> Build your Employer Brand

> Maintain knowledge and culture.

> Reduce staff turnover

> Improve the quality of work

> Turn employees into ambassadors

> Improve the ROI 


What does the employee journey look like?

From the first moment of contact, signing the contract, the onboarding period until the termination of employment. With Appical you create impact at every moment.

1. Pre-boarding

The pre-boarding phase begins when the employee signs his / her contract and ends on the first working day.

2. Onboarding

The onboarding phase runs from the first working day until the moment when the employee is fully trained.

3. Offboarding

The offboarding phase begins when the employee indicates that he wants to leave and ends on the last working day.

Onboarding in numbers

82% Retention: Organizations with a good onboarding process improve retention by 82%.

70% Quality: Organizations that invest in a strong candidate experience improve the quality of the new employee by 70%. 95% of all organizations indicate that they regularly hire the wrong employees.

47% GEN Z is coming: In 2020, 47% of your employees will be from Generation Z.


Success Stories


This is how it works


What kind of organization are you? And in which sector? We help you to choose the optimal structure and user flow.


Create impressive slides. All parts are pre designed and can easily be converted to your house style. Games, Augmented Reality, video. We have thought about everything!


Is your appical platform the way you want it? With a single click, we publish your app in the various app stores. Of course the platform can also be reached via desktop.