Never Say This In A Job Interview

There are certain norms that might seem as common sense, but easily forgotten during the job interview. These will almost always leave a bad impression with the interviewer and reduce your chances of getting hired. Here are our top five don't-do's!

Setting feedback deadlines

Waiting for the post interview feedback is sometimes frustrating. This is why we always recommend not to leave the interview room without keeping doors open. However lets look at the situation from the interviewer’s perspective. Interviewing is a process which in most cases involves multiple decision makers. Not all times are those decision makers available to make an immediate decision. This is where the delay comes in. Now lets look at the situation from your, job seekers perspective. If you have a choice between two companies than a simple email explaining the situation will far more likely get you the answers than an ultimatum. 

Desperate acceptance

We have seen this many times during job interviews where the candidate would accept a job interview for a certain position but during the interview would express their desire for a higher role instead of the one they are being interviewed for; “I really wanted a higher role but this one will do for now.”

So let’s break this down a little. The fact that you applied and were invite for the interview shows that the recruiter thought you are good fit for the job and company. While everyone wants a driven and determined candidate, however no one  wants to hire a candidate who is using this opportunity as a temporary pit stop until the next one comes along.


Holidays first

This is a matter of priorities. Is the career more important than vacation or vice-versa? From the recruiters / hiring managers perspective it could be a red flag and could put your candidacy in jeopardy knowing that the candidate is going on holidays during the joining dates. A better option, if career matters, is to reschedule your holidays. Holidays can wait, a job might not. 


Time is valuable for everyone, so unless there is an emergency, avoid rescheduling at all costs. Last minute changes show lack of dedication and commitment. The same thing applies in being late for the job interview. Best practice is to be on location at least 30 mins before the interview time to find the parking, do last minute prep, visit to the power-room and a walk to the office.

Don't burn the bridge

No matter what happens, how bad the boss, team, company culture or remuneration is, this is one time when telling the absolute ‘truth’ should be avoided. No one wants to hear negativity or how you harvest personal grudges. Instead you should turn these challenges into positive examples by explaining how you have overcome differences and won over people. 

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