CISCO Networking. Next Virtual Event: 2020 Global Networking Trends

Thursday, October 24, 2019

9:30 BST (12:30PM UAE) (1 hour)

Join our panel of futurists and networking experts as they discuss three topics: how current trends are shaping networks, the latest technology transformation, and how artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are changing the IT workforce and operations. You’ll get a complimentary copy of our 2020 Global Networking Trends report for registering and attending.

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Topics for discussion

The Perfect Storm: How Business, Social, and Technology Trends are Shaping the Network of the Future

During this moderated panel, industry futurists and Cisco executives will discuss these macro-trends and their impact on organizations, networks, business, and society.

Technology Insights: The Technologies That Will Transform Tomorrow’s Network

The panel will highlight trends such as intent-based networking that will impact future network technologies and will discuss why organizations need to plan now.

Operations and the Workforce in the Age of Automation and AI

The panel will discuss future demands on IT operations and the changes necessary to meet the challenge.