Must-Follow Rules To Top Your Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview can seem challenging but if that preparation can get you your dream job than it is all worth it. So here is a list of our top six rules for coming out on the top of the Employers shortlist.

1. Fail to plan, plan to fail

No one plans to fail but failing to plan for the interview in advance can lead you to the failure. While most interviewers will ask similar questions; however it is best-practice to prepare the answers to these questions for every interview in writing and in advance. 

2. Practice makes perfect

You can never over practice job interviews however practicing out loud in person or video recording is a must for you to hear your own answers and critique yourself. You can also practice your job interviews based on real-life questions by registering on our FREE mock interview solution. Here you will be able to practice job interviews while your answers are recorded for playback. Our AI assisted solution will also provide you with feedback on your interview skills and will help you dramatically improve your interviewing skills. 

3. Research, research research

This is the most common mistake job seekers make; walking into the job interview without sufficient research. At least a few days before the interview you must know what the company does, the position requirements, your interviewer information, company news and updates, … HINT: Google Search

4. Interviewer questions

A job interview is a two way street. You are not the only one being interviewed but you also have the right to interview the interviewer. In fact it is highly recommended that you do so when given the opportunity. The interviewer will ask you ‘do you have any questions for me?’ This is time when you should ask all your questions. However do not make the mistake and ask compensation related questions at this stage. It is too early for that if this is your first interview. 

5. Look confident

If you have followed the above steps you will not be short of confidence. Confidence is made up of two components. How you look and what you say. The more rehearsed you are the more confident you will sound and be able to reply to the interviewer. As far as how you look goes, it is a very easy option for Emiratis; kandoora or abaya. 🙂

6. Before you leave the interview room...

After the interview many job seekers would walk out on a simple thank you. Big mistake. Always leave a door open for you to follow-up after the interview. You can do this by asking the obvious questions: ‘What are the next steps and when can I give you a call?’

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