Our Mission


Our Mission 

To build the largest 'ARAB TALENT NETWORK' across the GCC; driven by EMPLOYER BRANDING and supported by CAREER OPPORTUNITIES & EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS DEVELOPMENT exclusively for Nationals, ONE COUNTRY AT A TIME.

We are an Employer & Talent Branding platform focused on promoting Nationalization and helping Employers build long-term brand equity with National Talent across the GCC.


No wedding pictures or birthday cakes

We are a specialist careers platform focused on helping Nationals find career opportunities and develop employability skills. What you will not find here is self-promotion and look-at-me content (since there is already a professional platform which promotes that).


Focused on Nationals

Our mission is to connect national talent with careers and companies they love.

We do this by helping organizations build online brand equity and experiences by promoting their culture, teams, work environment, benefits, and employee experiences...to help Job Seekers make better long term career decisions.


Why JobsForNationals

Launched in December 2016 after extensive research on both UAE National Job Seekers, we are the first exclusive online careers platform for UAE National Talent across all Seven Emirates.

Fast forward to today, we are the fastest growing online UAE National Talent Network across all Seven Emirates. We have also opened our platform to accept GCC Job Seeker registrations.



To Employers, our value proposition is based on FRESH JOBS > FRESH CANDIDATES.

We know databases get outdated very quickly as job seekers only update their resumes when looking for a job. By having a career promotion platform, employers can rest assure that every application they receive comes from an active job seeker who is interested in their opportunity. We do not auto populate job postings for the sake of volumes. Our typical application ration is 90%+ from UAE Nationals (ref. Employer testimonials).


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