Finance Manager (UAE Nationals Only)

Full time Dicon Investments

Job Description

1. Responsible for following up implementation of financial management plans.

2. Preparation of sub-plans and operational programs for financial management to achieve the main objectives of the company and its affiliated centers.

3. Keeping and maintaining all financial documents and books and following up the validity and conduct of these documents.

4. Keeping all records of the quality models of financial management procedures and ensuring that they are subject to internal audit.

5. Participate in administrative meetings and express opinion in the results, decisions and recommendations.

6. Suggest improvement and preventive measures that will improve the performance of the work under his administration.

7. Prepare monthly reports on objectives and percentage of achievements achieved by the department and cooperate fully with quality management and development in the process of evaluating the performance of management.

8. Develop and update the strategic objectives of the management on a quarterly basis in line with the strategic objectives of the company and its affiliated centers.

9. Prepare and update the management performance indicators on a quarterly basis in coordination with Quality Management and Development

10.. Cooperation and coordination with the Quality and Development Department in gathering required evidence and reports from the Finance Department for ministerial audits of the centers and attending audit sessions if necessary.

11. Ensure the implementation of internal control procedures for arrests and disbursements and ensure the integrity of the financial system.

12. Follow up the final accounts and financial reports of the company and its affiliated centers.

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