Job Posting Guidelines

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To ensure you get the maximum ROI from your campaigns, here are some 'researched' guidelines to help you promote your Career Opportunities to the UAE National talent pool. 


Business Email Address:

Business Email Address is required to activate Employer Profile. A validation email will also be sent for profile activation.


Target Applicants:

All job titles MUST specify the target audience to include 'UAE Nationals Only' or 'GCC Nationals Only' or any other GCC nationalities, after the job title.


Job Descriptions & Benefits: (Important)

Keep it brief and bullet-point what a candidate needs 'to-do*' to be considered successful in the job. Contrary to the popular belief, UAE & GCC National job seekers are also looking for benefits besides the remuneration. So please include ALL the benefits your organization provides in order to cultivate, grow and retain UAE &GCC National talent.


Salary Range: (Important)

Our survey showed this as one of the top considerations for UAE & GCC National Talent when considering their application. UAE & GCC National Applicants want to see Salary Range before applying. (Removal: US$100 for each job posting)



By typing the name of your Organization Name in this field will automatically populate with all available location choices.


Hyperlinks & Email Addresses:

Applications can be directed to your ATS (via URL) or email address, however, hyperlinks or email addresses in the job description body are not allowed. JFN reserves the right to deactivate any jobs found in breach of this condition.


This is one of the simplest ways to increase audience engagement while introducing your organization to potential job seekers. We strongly recommend that you add some video content right before your job description as shown below:



All the best!! 

* Most job descriptions are too long and are designed with the 'to-have's' instead of the 'to-do's'. Therefore it is best practice to include a 'to-do' list on the JD's (8 at best) so your applicants can understand what success looks like on the job.