How To Motivate, Recruit & Retain The Gen Z UAE National Talent (The Fresh Graduates)

So why is this topic important?  Well if your organization wants to hire the UAE National Fresh Graduates of today, you must understand what this generation has grown up with, their mindset, their motivators and values. So we are going to dive into each aspect of their personality which will help us develop a recruitment strategy designed to attract the fresh UAE National Graduates!

Growing up as Gen Z

Let’s get the facts out of the way first. Most of us (parents) are probably raising a Gen Z child at home today. These kids are growing up in the ‘digital age’ with the internet and a mobile device. Most of their interactions are limited to social media channels, at a surface level. And most of them have never dealt with the failures and reality of life because they have grown up with unrealistics expectations of what it takes to succeed.

Notable stats about Gen Z

  • On average, Gen Z uses their smartphones 15.4 hours per week—more than any other type of device.
  • Gen Z consume 13.2 hours of TV content per week—significantly less than boomers and Gen X.
  • There has been a 41 percent increase in the use of ad-blocking software in the past 12 months.

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What Gen Z has to offer?

After reviewing dozens of online publications and research, here are some characteristics that stand out the most which can be used to structure talent acquisition and retention strategies for hiring fresh UAE National graduates. 

  • Good information gathering & research skills
  • Enhanced problem solving skills
  • Heighterend global and local awareness
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Heightened awareness of environmental  issues
  • Heightened learning abilities tied to interactive (online and offline) methods
  • Reduced concentration and memory skills
  • Impatient and expect immediate results

Motivating the Gen Z

  • Avoid, as much as possible, to put this generation in a monotonous routine based role. This generation requires constant stimulation and challenges. Every day is a new day approach. 
  • Flexibility is the key here as this generation does not like rigid rules based work environments. 
  • Likability is a strong motivators as this generation likes being surrounded with friends and people they like. 
  • Role models are important who can manage the team and act with honesty.
  • Career growth is key and having a structured career growth program is a must to attract the exceptional UAE National Talent.
  • Some research has found Gen Z to be much more competitive and independent that the previous generations. 
  • Don’t fear their entrepreneurial mindset. This generation has grown watching companies like Facebook, Google, YouTube and believes in do-it-myself. So provide them with opportunities at work to build and make the difference.
  • Technology, one study found 90.6% of Gen Z makes employment decision based on the company’s technology sophistication.  So if you want to attract bright and motivated UAE National Talent pay special attention to this factor as well.
  • Surprisingly most of our online research also found ‘face-to-face’ communication as a motivator. This generation prefers honest and transparent upfront communication. (which is one reason why all career opportunities on our platform provide transparency even on salary structures to help companies attract the right UAE National Talent across all the seven Emirates)
  • Compensation and benefits provide the security that their family members did not have when they lost their jobs. This does not mean they are only motivated by money and not the job they are applying for. It is a different mindset to what we have grown up with and we need to change and adopt.

Recruiting the Gen Z

  • Avoid, as much as possible, to put this generation in a monotonous routine based role. This generation requires constant stimulation and challenges. Every day is a new day approach. 
  • Promote your team-work culture by showing your team on company website. 
  • Career development is priority for this generation so make sure you have a development or mentorship plan in place  to show them how they can get to the next level. 
  • Due to this generations independent nature, workplaces need to be converted to closed offices rather then the open plans that are so common nowadays. 
  • Go digital! The recruitment landscape has changed over the past years and more engagement and reputation assessment about companies happens online on social media. Just like recruiters are engaging only with the candidates who’s profile or CV they like online, job seekers are doing the same. (Companies use JobsForNationals to promote their culture, workspace, employee stories and career opportunities to attract UAE National Talent across all the Seven Emirates)
  • With increased dependability on the internet, Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing are the key differentiators in attracting the right talent pool. This is what will  make your company stand out from the competition.

Single largest influence on their lives is the internet!

Creating best possible training programs for Gen Z

  • Since this generation has grown up in the digital age, image / video based interactive training will be the most effective method.
  • Uae the cloud access to you advantage and provide training content they can access at their time.  Classroom bound time based trainings will not be most effective
  • Gen Z is also choice driven, so providing training programs that cover a wide spectrum of interest levels will work best
  • Mobility is also on top of their agenda, so everything needs to be cloud based and easily accessible online on mobile device.
  • Patience is not their strongest characteristics, so jumping to quick judgement is common, workforce technologies need to be intuitive, accessible and easy to use otherwise frustration will kick in and training will be ignored.  
  • Keep the information nugget sized to keep their attention span engaged.
  • Be prepared for criticism, yes boss mindset will not work here. 
  • Group discussions and peer interactions are highly encouraging for engagement and best possible ROI.
WAM Gen Z Research

Courtesy WAM (13th March 2019): 

Disclaimer: This is a research review and interpretation of material found online. This is for informational and educational purposes only. We do not accept any liability for the use of this information. This article will be updated as more research becomes available.

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