How Companies Can Promote UAE National Hiring

In light of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid’s ‘Open Letter’ and Sheikh Hamdan’s ‘Two Week Deadline’, we have asked HR & Emiratisation Professionals as well as UAE Nationals in general to suggest want companies need to do to promote UAE National hiring? Below are some of their suggestions…

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how should companies promote UAE National hiring in their organizations?

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Organizations should provide the UAE Nationals a platform for enhancing their knowledge and skills and for this Baker Tilly Middle East is ready to help them   by first employing them on a short term of 3-6 months as Trainee- Associate. Since we are a one single organization which can provide several areas of their interest from Accounting, Taxation, Auditing, Risk Advisory, Project Finance, Information Technology where they can enhance their skills to grow and define their career paths and provide them opportunities which respond to market needs. Here ideal surroundings would be created for them to work alongside a diverse group of experts from all corners of the world.

Mago JB Singh – Founder – Principal & Group Managing Partner (in)


The key in my view to emiratization in the private sector and industries which have struggled to attract Emirati talent starts with the leadership. Historically and generally speaking, the private sector looked at emiratization as a quota with some companies going as far as seeing it as a burden. Emphasis was on quantity rather than the quality of the candidates being brought – and this mainly covered junior roles. My advice is that companies need to lead by example and have Emiratis in leadership roles before they start advertising how great their emiratization programs are. The young, educated and ambitious Emirati generation are looking for careers not jobs. Companies need to display that Emiratis have a genuine opportunity to reach the top of the organization and not just advertise this constantly

Anonymous – Automotive – Dubai

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Organization work culture needs to be cohesive for locals, wherein they interact with expats cohesively and part time Jobs can be a big pulling factors for young students who want to pursue studies as well as job.

Nidhi Dubey – HR Business Partner


I would suggest “having an open mind when recruiting nationals and showing flexibility”. This means recruiting nationals who have the right attitude and show a willingness to learn and to be challenged, who may not have the necessary skill-set, but are willing to be trained. And being flexible – allowing nationals with a family to leave early or start later, perhaps work from home on some occasions.

Anonymous – Investment Management – Abu Dhabi


It all start with having the right mindset and create an engaging work environment that promote learning. Young Emiratis are looking for companies that fosters and nurture their talent by giving them the change to learn and grow while adding value.

Anonymous – Automotive – Dubai

Build your company’s brand image and reputation by turning your existing employees into brand ambassadors who will talk positively about the organization in their communities, which will definitely help in attracting new recruits.

Sultan Khalifa Al Ali – Head of Emiratisation


in order for us to continue to grow and win, we need to better represent the consumers we serve. This starts with having a workforce which reflects our customer base, so Nationalization across the Middle East remains a key people-priority. This means candidates need to show their connection with our brands, and their unique insight into how themselves, their families and their network communicate and connect with multinational brands”.

Anonymous – FMCG – Dubai

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There are studies that show the language you use in your job description helps to attract or turn off diverse candidates from applying to your open role, so ensure your job postings are reworded. Demonstrate that your current workplace has diversity and is a place for everyone, you can do this with no cash i.e: Social media especially Linkedin, market at career fairs, or paid via newspapers, LinkedIn or job portals. When you get it right with one person (National), the likelihood of a referral of a friend or previous colleagues to approach their business is much much higher, slow and steady wins the race. So put all that energy in to your new hires, and get them excited to tell people about you

Jessica Chambers – CEO 


Organizations have the capacity to easily bank upon the mutual gains of hiring a mix of locals and expats to run themselves. A spectrum of nationalities not only promotes a multi-lingual and multi-cognitive culture in the company, but also helps them develop the expertise that are prevalent in the respective companies of the employees.

One strategy to promote the UAE national hiring could be to target the candidates from the government’s UAE youth program. These 200 young people are equipped with a wide range of leadership development training each year. Hiring these people will give the organization access to their alumni network which in turn will automatically generate positive word out mouth for the company.

Another way to promote the local hires is to put them as the spokesperson/face of the company. The interaction of a local with the media/clients will ensure that a key message is put across from the perspective of the company; that the company has being invested in by the locals of the country, and hence is a company that is owned and shared by the people of the emirates.

Anonymous – Manufacturing – Ajman

(all contributions will be added verbatim, suggestions can be submitted through ‘join the discussion‘ section below or email
For anonymous listing please make sure you specify clearly. Everyone’s opinion counts.