Why JobsForNationals?


Why jobsfornationals?

A Game Changing Approach to Sourcing UAE National Talent! 

It's not just about job postings. @jobsfornationals we offers a comprehensive employer branding & communications platform geared towards Nationalization. 

Integrated Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing Platform for Emiratisation 


Active vs Passive:

Executive recruitment is a very expensive exercise while with most typical job sites you can only post jobs and wait for talent to apply. @jobsfornationals we have merged both methodologies and taken an active approach to finding talent while keeping your costs low (vs executive recruitment). 

With our precision content targeting (pct) we can deliver specific content (jobs or blog) to a specific audience in a specific location. Whether you are trying to attract talent from Abu Dhabi or Fujairah or any other location across the UAE, we can help you connect with that talent.

Looking to attract UAE Nationals in Ras Al Khaimah or promote your career opportunities to UAE Nationals in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi?

Contact us here to schedule your discovery session. 



Advance Targeting:


Job Analytics:

Directly measure the effects of our campaigns at both the campaign level and the individual job level. 


Build Followers:

Followers can be build from day 1 just by signing up and promoting your jobsfornationals career page.  


We have been building relationships across all seven Emirates since 2016. We are on a mission to connect the national talent with career opportunities through a centralized and simplified online process where the job seekers only need to register one time to gain access to all employers and career opportunities. 

Today, through multiple engagements & events throughout the year, we are able to take your brand and career opportunities to the right talent through a cost effective, long term value proposition

Unlimited Annual Job Posting Subscription starting at just $75/m!


Did you know...

Organizations that invest in a strong candidate experience improve
the quality of the new employee by 70%!



Why Invest in Employer Branding?

Read more about Employer Branding here!


Did you know...

62% of candidates complete their interview outside of office hours
31% completing them over the weekend









Registered UAE Nationals: 33,000+
Applications Sent: 4,700+
Jobs Posted: 350+

(Jan 2019)



across UAE
since 2016


Dubai 56.37%. Abu Dhabi 24.86%, Sharjah 7.10%,
Ajman 3.68%, Al Ain 3.61%, RAK 1.84%, Fujairah 0.95%



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Updated: January 2019






Screen & Live Interview

Automated Video Interview

92% felt sufficiently informed about what was required

89% confidence in how the technology worked

96% would complete a video interview  again


* 2018 MENA Stats





Pre-board, On-board,

Organizations that invest in a strong candidate experience improve the quality of the new employee by 70%. 

 95% of all organizations indicate that they regularly hire the wrong employees.





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