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    We have devised specific initiatives to help us reach our goal of becoming an Employer of Choice. This includes programs focused on talent acquisition, embedding our values and ethics, employee engagement and retention and promoting a values-driven culture that is fair and transparent. Additionally, our Talent Management Framework is designed to ensure that we have the best possible talent to achieve our strategic goals. We factor in both long and short-term objectives and carefully foster our employees’ personal development. As our Human Capital team implements these programs, it will act as a strategic business partner for internal clients and give voice to employees, wants and needs. As always, core Savola values are the building blocks for our actions. We believe that every individual within an organization works better in a culture characterized by ethical principles and fair and appropriate governance to achieve the performance-driven culture desired
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We are looking for Saudi Nationals to join our growing team.

At Savola, we are committed to adding value for all stakeholders. That’s why investing in human capital is one of our core strategic priorities.

Savola enables employees to create professional value by enabling the acquisition and development of a highly skilled and competent workforce that will learn, lead and respond to challenges, while investing in a values-driven culture that promotes outstanding performance and fosters leadership.

Our human capital philosophy does not only benefit employees: it also has a direct effect on business performance and, ultimately, the value we offer our shareholders. It is designed to align with our new operating model of establishing a Center of Excellence to provide operating companies with support in areas such as industry specifics, standards, methodologies, and analysis, as well as good governance.

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