Employer Testimonials


IMSWARE Technology offers you complete solution packages from consultation to turn-key installation, so you benefit as quickly as possible from using the software.


JobsForNationals.com experience:


"The campaign went really good as per now, only one non-national applied. But it seems Applicants are not reading the Job descriptions and so we had quite a few applicants and some of them interesting we are still in talks with them to find that Mrs or Mr. RIGHT.


All in all, JobsForNationals.com is really great and I would recommend an reuse again if we have more job postings for Nationals coming up." IMSWARE Technology LLC 





ABB is a pioneering technology leader that works closely with utility, industry, transport and infrastructure customers in roughly 100 countries. 


JobsForNationals.com experience:


“Emiratization is one of the key pillars of the government national agenda for 2018. Private companies are expected to provide job opportunities for UAE Nationals based on their Jobs fitness. For this reason, we have been using different platforms and channels.


One of the job portals that I have been using recently is called “Jobs for Nationals”. I find it very user-friendly where I can easily post jobs, and receive relevant applications of which we can easily review and assess. It is worth to mention that the portal team members are approachable, supportive and flexible. For me, I am happy with their service and I would confidently say they are now my first choice of preference.”  Senior Emiratization Manager, ABB