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Building Loved Brands


We are the 'first exclusive specialist careers & knowledge platform' that aims to build Employer brand equity, promoting not just the brand logo, but their identity, culture, teams, work environment, benefits, employee experiences,....to help Job Seekers make better long term Career decisions.


By helping Organizations build meaningful long term relationships with the National audience, they are able to hire and communicate their culture more effectively. Organizations are able to create their Employer Profile and get FREE job posting credits across all three Employer Profile options which include:


1. Basic Employer Profile

2. Premium Employer Profile

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Premium Employer Profile (Start building brand equity & followers)


Employers can create a Basic or Premium Employer Profile and start building followers from day 1.


With the Premium Employer Profile employers can showcase their corporate culture, team, work environment, employee testimonials, benefits,....through images, videos and immersive content including social media imbedding. 


Employers are able to build unique job seeker & visitor experiences to attract applications and build followers.


Self-Job Postings & Application Redirects


Once the Employer profile is active, Employers can post their jobs directly and receive all applications directly through email or ATS as well as their JobsForNationals.com account. 



Employer Dashboard / Analytics


Employers have all the necessary tools to manage their jobs, see stats by job views, view applications from job seekers and manage profile settings in their dashboard.



Applicant Tracking


Employers are able to drag & drop applicants to the relevant stages of the application process, look through all the information about a candidate, contact applicants and insert notes for each application. 


Advertising Options


JobsForNationals.com offers extensive marketing options for your brand and career opportunities, extending to ~150k+ Nationals through: 


  1.  Registered Visitors

  2.  Applicants (data-base)

  3.  UAE & Saudi National Email Lists

  4.  Social Media Channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

  5.  Employer followers (registered on Employer page)

  6.  Job alert subscribers


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