EMIRATISATION MANAGERS: Here is how you can improve your results!

Here are some great tips on how Emiratisation Managers could improve their hiring process and attract better quality UAE National Talent across the seven Emirates!

We have been collecting data on UAE National Job seeker habits since 2016 and we have integrated them into our process.

The RIGHT Platform

Being on the right platform is the first step to creating a successful UAE Nationals ONLY Talent pipelines & followers! 

Add EXCITEMENT To Job Postings!

Most job descriptions in circulation were written a long time back and were not built around a ‘Talent Attraction Strategy’.

Your Employer Brand and proposition is very different today than what it was a few years ago. Moreover the target audience and their expectations is continuously shifting. Outdated and non-exciting JD’s will not help in attracting the ‘new’ talent.

This is why we have written 200+ baseline JD’s (EMPLOYERS > MEMBERS ONLY > JOB DESCRIPTIONS) and also provide JD Prep as a service. 

Grow Followers

You DO NOT need to have active job postings to build talent pipelines. By promoting your brand, culture and values on JobsForNationals, you can grow ONLY UAE National Followers and have access to their resume and contact details.  

One of the most effective ways to promote your brand and get high quality leads, is through Follower referrals.

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Follower Referrals

Followers can be a great source of quality referrals. Employers can message and connect with each UAE National follower without leaving the Employer dashboard and start networking and growing recruitment pipelines.

Fast & Efficient

The JobsForNationals Employer dashboard provides quick access to post jobs, see all UAE National applicants, contact followers and go through Employee reviews

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Applicant Referrals

ALL APPLICANTS tab in the Employer dashboard provides the full list of UAE National Applicants who have applied to all jobs. This makes it easy to revisit and re-consider applicants who might not have been suitable for the previous roles but might fit in the current one. 

Problem Solving

Ask the candidates to share with you ‘real’ examples of the types or problems they have solved in their current or past roles. Explore their problem solving process. Who did they approach, how did they figure out what the problem was, how long did it take to resolve and what was the final outcome?

Interview Process

Make it easy to attend interviews. People currently working have difficulty in scheduling and attending multiple interviews. Try to make feasible by making changes to accommodate their schedule. This about asynchronous video interviews to make interviewing possible outside their working hours or during weekends. 

Job Acceptance

Spend time in finding out about the candidates job acceptance criteria. Influencing top candidates will always be difficult, so invest time in finding out about their acceptance and deal-breaking criteria so expectations are set and managed at the very beginning of the process. 

Video JD's

Videos are more powerful than words and is an effective way of of engaging top UAE National Talent. So considering making and adding a personalized video to all your JD’s to increase engagement and transparency in the hiring process. This will also help the potential candidate to build a connection with you and will show them the exciting aspects of working with your team.