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Starter CV Pack

Hiring 1-2 people a year?
$249 only

Best pack for Staffing Agencies looking for quick Talent access!

  • 2 FREE Views
  • Access 10 Resumes
  • Displayed for 10 days
  • No Featured Candidates
  • Premium Membership Required

Power CV Pack

Hiring 3-10 people a year?
$450 only

Best for Small to Medium size companies!

  • 5 FREE Views
  • Access 15 Resumes
  • Access Featured Candidates
  • Displayed for 15 days
  • Premium Membership Required

Super CV Pack

Hiring 10+ people a year?
$900 only

Best for Large companies looking to ramp up their talent pipeline!

  • 10 FREE Views
  • Access 30 Resumes
  • Access Featured Candidates
  • Displayed for 30 days
  • Premium Membership Required

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