Performance with Purpose:

Outperforming ourselves is a rush. That's why we perform with purpose. Together, we blaze new trails, succeed, celebrate and then do something even bigger. We never settle for second best. At PepsiCo we're not just committed to performing well as individuals, but as a team, to strengthen the company as a whole.

Around the world, we're working hard to give people the tastes they crave and the nutrition they need. We dream globally and act locally, constantly innovating to sustain our planet, our people, our communities and our business practices. New markets mean new ways of doing business, and new ways of addressing health concerns, cultural differences and environmental challenges. Every day is an adventure and an opportunity for personal and professional growth.


Real World Leadership

We've hired more than 250,000 entrepreneurs, dreamers, doers, rainmakers and shakers. We encourage them to be the best at whatever they're doing and whoever they are. Stretch assignments, early responsibility, job rotations and awesome mentors are just part of what makes the real world at PepsiCo an unbeatable training ground. Want proof? Eighty percent of our executive team was promoted from within.


Together We Win

We're strong individualists who thrive on collaboration. To us, it's all about respect for one another's unique traits, backgrounds, perspectives and experiences.


Our teams reflect the diversity of our consumers and our communities, breaking down barriers, shattering glass ceilings and winning awards. Our Employee Resource Groups are proof-positive that inclusion is a way of life at PepsiCo.


Greatness is an epidemic. And when work skills and life lessons merge, it gives us the opportunity to exceed expectations and facilitate personal satisfaction in our teams. We truly care about you as a person. Not just the “you” that shows up to work every day. But the “you” that goes home to your loved ones and out into your community.

18 Jun, 2018
AED3,760 monthly
Are you looking for an internship for your family or friends at Pepsico? Landing an internship with Pepsico is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door and drastically improves your chances at landing a full time job at the company after graduation. Pepsico interns work on projects that provide valuable hands-on experience and will have the chance to learn from more experienced professionals. At the culmination of the internship, you'll have enough experience to determine if you're prepared to launch your career with Pepsico. Pepsico has a well-structured internship program that sets their interns up for success. Students have the opportunity to utilize the knowledge they have gained in the classroom and see how their studies translate into a professional setting. It's no surprise that an internship helps bridge the gap between being a successful student and an invaluable member of the Pepsico team.   Internship programs are currently available in the following functions; Commercial   Support functions ( HR, Logistics , Finance)   Duration   6 – 8 weeks   Candidate profile:   Student in the 2nd or 3rd year of study (preferably, not as a rule); this program would be open to candidates who are currently pursuing a full time bachelor or master’s degree. Students must have a valid UAE Residence VISA and must be able to procure a No Objection Letter (NOC) from their sponsor. High capability of decision making. Leadership attitude. Innovative. Results driven and flexible. Strong analytical skills. Ethical. Influencing and building networking ability. Proficiency in English. Good Command of MS Office, especially Excel.
PepsiCo Dubai - United Arab Emirates Internship / فترة تدريب