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We are looking for Saudi Nationals to join our growing team.


At Savola, we are committed to adding value for all stakeholders. That’s why investing in human capital is one of our core strategic priorities.


Savola enables employees to create professional value by enabling the acquisition and development of a highly skilled and competent workforce that will learn, lead and respond to challenges, while investing in a values-driven culture that promotes outstanding performance and fosters leadership.


Our human capital philosophy does not only benefit employees: it also has a direct effect on business performance and, ultimately, the value we offer our shareholders. It is designed to align with our new operating model of establishing a Center of Excellence to provide operating companies with support in areas such as industry specifics, standards, methodologies, and analysis, as well as good governance.





Year founded



Company type

Public Company


Company size

10,001+ employees



Food and Retail

28 May, 2018
AED1 monthly
This position will provide investment information and financial advice; works with corporate and individual clients, and maintains knowledge of a wide range of investment and financial products.   Engages in regular research and reading to stay apprised about the state of the economy, global financial markets, and general current events Maintains current knowledge about financial products available to corporate and individual clients, including bonds, stocks, investments, and trusts Works closely with investment analysts to assess financial information and investment opportunities Presents investment opportunities and related analysis while pitching proposed course of action in meetings with clients Uses complex financial models to project future earnings and profit potential and uses this data to inform decisions and proposals Makes decisions about financial and investment opportunities on behalf of clients Meets with an investment team, including analysts and other managers, to stay up-to-date about market situations and company decisions that may impact one another Takes on high levels of responsibility on behalf of financial institutions, corporate clients, investment organizations, and insurance companies Develops relationships with clients and expands client network in professional and social settings Specialises in a particular field or industry to aspire to achieve expert level knowledge   Requirements Candidate MUST have the following to be considered for this position:   5+ years of experience in investments CFA  Chartered Financial Analyst   M&A, PE and Investment Banking experience 
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