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Social Media Use by UAE Nationals

Here are some very interesting insights from an article published in The National earlier this year, 30th January 2017, on 'Trends in UAE’s social media usage revealed'.


A survey by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority has revealed how UAE residents use social media.

  1. The poll revealed a difference in preference for social media platforms between the 5,000 Emiratis and residents questioned.
  2. [Emiratis] Free messaging service WhatsApp is by far the most used service, with 96 percent of Emiratis, followed by 78 percent using Instagram and 62 percent for Snapchat.
  3. [Emiratis] Facebook was one of least popular social media platforms among Emiratis at 58 percent.
  4. [Emiratis & Residents] The least used platforms were Snapchat and LinkedIn with 27 percent and 16 percent, respectively.
  5. [Emiratis & Residents] Despite the ubiquitous use of Twitter by celebrities and newly-elected US president Donald Trump, only 35 percent of those questioned said they used it.


What we were trying to find is the percentage of UAE Nationals on Social / Professional Social Media Platforms. 

From the details provided by Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority, we can only draw the following conclusions based on a fair 50% Split of 5000 Emiratis and Residents surveyed.

  • LinkedIn: 8% of Emiratis are using LinkedIn
  • Twitter: 17.5% of Emiratis are using Twitter
  • Facebook: 58% of Emiratis are using Facebook (as shown by the survey)
  • Instagram: 78% of Emiratis are using Facebook (as shown by the survey)