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Should I include a photo of myself on my CV?

While it was once standard practice to include a CV picture, most employers no longer expect candidates to include this information with job applications. The only exceptions to this rule would be professionals who are pursuing acting or modeling roles. In fact, thanks to anti-discrimination laws, some companies outside of the entertainment industry automatically disregard CVs that contain photos to avoid potential discrimination allegations.

If you are applying for a job where a CV picture is still considered a standard part of the job application or has been specified by the employer for application submission, here are some attributes to keep in mind:

  • Professional grade: The selfie you took during last weekend shopping spree is most probably not suitable for your CV. Opt for a professional-looking photo that will complement your application, rather than damage it. We strongly recommend that you invest in a professional photograph as it can be used across a variety of applications. Alternatively you can also ask a friend who owns a decent camera to take a picture of you in a well-lit area and with a simple backdrop that won’t compete with your face for attention.

  • Relevant: Select a current photo of yourself ‒ and only yourself. Employers won’t look kindly on family photos or other group shots, or pictures that are a decade old. Your picture should reflect what you look like now.

  • Cropped: Your photo should be a head-shot, rather than a full-length body shot. Aim for your face to take up approximately 60 per cent of the frame. Crop the image from just below the top of your shoulders to just above your head so that the emphasis is placed on your face.

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