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LAW: Regulations for Employing UAE Nationals in the Private Sector

To avoid any misinterpretation of the Ministerial Decree No. 212 of 2018, we have copied the main excerpts related to employment, contractual and termination clauses from the decree to help Employers better understand the law. For the full decree, please use the download link below.


A NATIONAL, directly or through any method established by the Ministry, may apply to work for any of the establishments registered with the Ministry.


The following steps shall be followed in employing a NATIONAL:

  1. The employer shall submit the required documents set out in the Employment Guide, to apply for a NATIONAL work permit, through any of the Ministry’s approved service channels.
  2. Upon approving the employment application of the national, the Ministry shall:
    • Issue a package for the NATIONAL that includes the employment permit and contract, Absher card, Guide of the Rights and Obligations of Private Sector Workers as well as any other material provided for in the service guide.
    • Provide counselling and qualification services for the NATIONAL who needs such counselling and qualification services, through engaging him in training programs as required to perform his jobs according to the needs of the labor market.
    • Send the details of the work permit and contract to GPSSA or any other local or insurance fund, according to the Ministry’s applicable regulations.
  3. Within 6 months from the approval of the work permit, the employer shall update the national worker’s file in terms of his data of contribution to GPSSA or any other local or insurance fund, according to the Ministry’s applicable regulations.


The term of a NATIONAL employment contract shall be two years and shall be renewed by mutual agreement according to the conditions set out in the service guide.


  • The employer shall submit an “exit interview” report with the NATIONAL worker to identify the reasons for the termination or expiry of the relation. The guides issued by the Undersecretary regulates the actions to be taken in this regard.
  • The rules and regulations provided for in the Ministerial Decree No 765 of 2015 Concerning the Termination of Labor Relation, attached herewith in Appendix (1), shall be followed.


REF: Ministerial Decree No. 212 of 2018

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