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2019 Careers UAE / Appical On-boarding Exclusive Exhibitors Offer

As the exclusive Emiratisation Partner of 2019 Careers UAE, Appical, a JobsForNationals on-boarding partner, is extending a 10% discount (first year usage) to all the exhibitors interested in innovating their 'pre-boarding, on-boarding & off-boarding' process.



Appical, a leader in on-boarding technology, is on a mission to quickly and successfully involve employees in your organization through the ultimate on-boarding experience.

On-boarding in numbers:

  • 82% Retention: Organizations with a good on-boarding process improve retention by 82%.
  • 70% Quality: Organizations that invest in a strong candidate experience improve the quality of the new employee by 70%. 95% of all organizations indicate that they regularly hire the wrong employees.
  • 47% GEN Z is coming: In 2020, 47% of your employees will be from Generation Z.


The Pre-boarding benefits:

  • Start boarding before the first working day
  • Make employees more productive and involved faster
  • Create ambassadors
  • Provide an even better start



The On-boarding benefits:

  • Go beyond; create a digital experience
  • Combine games, video and augmented reality
  • Monitor the progress of your new employee
  • Use our on-boarding blue prints for a success formula.
  • Get new employees up to 75% faster productive
  • Strengthen your employer brand 



The Off-boarding benefits:

  • Receive valuable feedback
  • Ensure proper handling of administrative matters.
  • Build a lasting relationship through an Alumni network
  • Collect knowledge and experience
  • Let your employee say goodbye in a surprising way

To use this offer, book your Appical demo now. Only applicable one demo's before 1st April 2019! Appical team will be in Dubai during the Careers UAE to provide you a hands-on experience!   

What are the roles and responsibilities of the Emiratisation partners?

  • Effective engagement in programs and events aiming at enhancing Emiratisation, adopt policies that encourage nationals to join the private sector and create proper work environs.
  • Commit to interview matching and qualified national candidates.
  • Provide feedback on interviewed candidates, and explain their dis-enrollment.
  • Provide nationals with training, qualifying and employment opportunities.
  • Adopt policies that encourage national to join the private sector, and create proper work environs to help them remain.
  • Regularly and periodically provide the information required for smooth application of white points system.


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