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Employer Branding vs Recruitment Marketing (it's complicated)

Employer branding is an essential part of any recruitment strategy and is a fundamental must have in every company, especially if you consistently want to hire quality candidates faster.



However the reality is that most HR & Marketing professionals don't know the difference between the two (employer branding VS recruitment marketing) and how it impacts the National vs Non-National recruitment strategy. 


Sadly many organizations/hiring managers still believe their name and reputation will continue to drive talent without any investment in Employer Branding. In reality, the landscape has changed and the posts have been moved by new mindsets. Competition for National talent is fierce and in most cases, talent pools are small. 


Definitions first:


1. Employer Brand is your company's reputation as an employer.

The goal of Employer Branding is to present your company as a desirable employer in order to attract high-quality candidates.


Employer Branding should be based on your company’s values, vision and mission.


2. Recruitment Marketing is the process of promoting your Employer Brand on different channels such as Social Media, company’s career site, job boards, company’s career blog, current employees, job descriptions, talent networking events and many other.


The main goal of every Recruitment Marketing strategy is to deliver the right message in front of the right candidates at the right time and drive candidates your way!

'Employer Brand comes first, Recruitment Marketing second.'


Here are the statistics:


1. Linkedin reports that companies that have a stronger employer brand compared to those of their competitors on average see a 43% decrease in the cost per candidate they hire.


Companies found that by investing money in their employer brand for their business. They save money on advertising and marketing campaigns around recruitment. Naturally, attracting talent with an attractive employer brand.


2. 69% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job (Glassdoor).


In order to attract the best candidates, it is important for companies to position themselves as the first choice Employer in their field and reflect the true personality of their brand.


This is also essential for National hiring where candidates have the free will (as compared to expats) to walk over to the competitor or where the local population and talent is scarce. 



3. Candidates trust employees 3x more than the employer to provide information on working at the company.


Empowering your employees and letting them tell their story is a great way to establish credibility and help to build an overall stronger employer brand. Employee testimonials play a huge rule to attract National talent to at least engage and apply to your opportunity.

'It’s impossible to build an employer brand without an external narrative.'


4. 44% of people are more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures than any other media.


In this study, referenced by Fast Company, the reasoning stated that images have become our way of sorting through and understanding the huge amounts of data we’re exposed to each day.


5. 92% of candidates say they would consider leaving their current jobs if a company with an excellent corporate reputation offered them another role.


People are a lot more inclined to make a career move when it’s to a company they have strong positive associations with. A strong employer brand will help you to source candidates.

'Employer Branding improves time, cost and quality of hire.'


6. According to Linkedin, 83% of talent leaders agree that employer brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire great talent.


When in doubt, do as the experts do. Talent leaders – the people who are the closest to recruiting strategies – are strongly in agreement that a company’s employer brand can meaningfully help or hurt its overall recruiting efforts.




7. 94% of candidates are likely to apply for a job if a company actively manages its employer brand. 91% of job seekers find a poorly managed or designed online presence damaging to an employer brand.


This isn’t surprising an employer brand should be part of not only your recruitment strategy but your marketing strategy keeping it updated is essential as an inactive page can affect your reputation and discourage candidates from applying.


8. Companies with a strong employer brand see 50% more qualified applicants and take 1-2x faster to hire. (LinkedIn)


9. 88% of millennials believe that being part of the right company culture is very important these all factor into your overall employer brand.


10. 80% of talent acquisition managers believe that employer branding has a significant impact on the ability to hire great talent. Source: LinkedIn


We hope these facts convince Employers / HR Leaders / Marcom professionals to invest in Employer branding first and foremost before posting and promoting their career opportunities to attract National talent. 


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