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Employers Advantage

Here are the reasons why you SHOULD create your Employer Profile on JobsForNationals:

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  1. It's FREE! Yes, it's absolutely FREE to create your Employer Profile and start building your UAE National followers*. Click here to begin.

  2. Exclusive Community: It's an exclusive community of UAE National registered members.

  3. Manage Your Jobs Postings & Promotions: with our new update, you can manage all your postings directly. 

  4. Quality vs Quantity: As a specialist job board our online application process has been designed to attract applications from relevant quality candidates. We could have further simplified our online application process through one-click apply but we know that will compromise quality. 

  5. Manage Your Applications: receive & review your applications on:
    • Jobs For Nationals portal
    • Business email
    • Direct to ATS (via URL)

  6. Start Building Followers: by creating your Employer Profile you can start building your UAE National followers from day one!


7. Video: video content has been proven to increase engagement. Add an 'about us' video and introduce your organization to job seekers.



  • Reach: ~155k+ (all channels)
  • UAE: 88.9%
  • Cities: Dubai 52%, Abu Dhabi 32%, Sharjah 9%, Al Ain 7%
  • Gender: Females 54.4%, Males 45.5%
  • Age: 25-34 46%, 18-24 28%, 35-44 17%, 45-54 6%, 55-64 3% 
*UAE National followers will automatically be notified on every job that is posted under the Employer account.