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Appical: New Manager Function

According to Gallup, 75% of the employees that quit their job point out their manager is the most important factor. And oh boy, a lot of managers feel like they are in the dark about the new hires onboarding process.

We want to help managers understand the huge role they play and their impact within the onboarding experience. And give them the tools they need to make a difference in their new hires onboarding journey. So, just in time for Christmas, we are very excited to present the brand new Manager role within the Appical platform. That’s right, no more two separate apps. From now on you can keep track and engage with your new hires from the Appical dashboard! 

So what did we improve exactly?

We merged the Manager App with the Appical dashboard so from now on you can:

  • Keep track of your new hires and their progress in your new hire list
  • Make your new employees feel welcome by sending them a personalized welcome message
  • Use tips and tricks for managers to understand and improve your role in the onboarding process 

Needless to say: we love transparency, so new hires can always see who is following their progress and results. And of course it is also possible to use the Manager for other roles like buddies, coaches or mentors. Check out the full feature list.

Curious? We bet you are!

Check your app store and update to the latest version of 'Appical, the onboarding app'. It's already implemented in the web player!



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