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15,000 jobs to be created for Emiratis in 2018

Abu Dhabi: The minister in charge of human resources development on Wednesday announced a slew of initiatives and policies aimed at accelerating Emiratisation, empowering citizens and raising their competitiveness until 2021.

Nasser Bin Thani Al Hameli, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, said these initiatives will contribute to the creation of 15,000 jobs suitable for citizens in 2018 in strategic economic sectors, in addition to enabling the participation of national human resources in the labour market and raising their competitiveness.

Al Hameli told a press conference in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday that the ministry has adopted an ambitious plan for Emiratisation in the private sector.

  Emiratisation and education are a key priority in the work of the government and a national responsibility, which requires the integration of all national initiatives.”

 - Nasser Bin Thani Al Hameli 

“The ministry has been able to employ 6,862 citizens in the private sector in 2017, an increase of 22 per cent over 2016, during which 5,608 citizens were employed,” Al Hameli said.

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UAE’s Emiratisation targets by 2021

50% of Emirati workforce must be employed in private sector

Emiratis must account for 5% of private sector workforce and6% of total UAE workforce


  • 15,000 jobs to be made available for citizens by the end of 2018
  • 6,862 citizens employed in 2017 — 22% increase from 5,608 Emiratis in 2016
  • Incentive package envisaged for members of Emiratisation Partners Club
  • Setting up Emiratisation portal and a national observatory of labour force
  • 4,155 Emirati job seekers registered in the ministry’s database (2,950 or 63% women and 1,205 or 37% men)
  • 45% of registered candidates hold university degrees, 41% high school certificates, 3% PhD and master’s degrees, while 5% have no high school certificates



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