Academic Partnership Program

Our mission is to simplify and centralize career search and skills development for UAE National Talent. 


Focusing on our mission, we have developed an academic partnership program that promotes the institutions, it’s internal career opportunities and it’s students.

Partner Sign-Up

We believe in mutually-beneficial partnerships and provide our academic partners access to a FREE Sign-Up & Job Listings.

By signing up our academic partners become a part of our ecosystem, are able to promote their campuses, courses & facilities as well as their career opportunities. 

Academic Careers

Academic partners benefit from promoting their internal career opportunities on our centralised platform.

They can also integrate their JobsForNationals page URL to their website / careers site to unify the visitor experience. 

The Graduates

Weather you are a graduate or alumni, having the right professional profile is the first and most crucial step towards starting your career.

We will help your graduates & alumni get a FREE professional CV review and build a professional profile to represent themselves in this competitive talent market.

By registering with JobsForNationals, they are able to access all employers across all sectors through one-time registration.

Promote JobsForNationals

There are a number of ways of promoting JobsForNationals, including:

  1. Logo & website placement on website
  2. Logo & website placement in Alumni newsletter
  3. Graduation events
  4. Career fairs

We are happy to explore what you can offer.