A Quick Checklist A Night Before Your Job Interview

Preparation is key for having a successful a job interview. What you do the night before a job interview has an impact on your interview.

Get a good nights sleep:
It is imperative to be well rested and focused during the interview, therefore all devices off the night before the interview.

Review your CV:
The most common mistake people make during the interview is not knowing what they have written on their CV. Don’t be overconfident. Make sure you know your dates, designations and achievements.

Research & Write:
Research the company well, not just through their website, but also Google ‘News’. Most candidates fail in their first question, ‘what do you know about us?’ since they walked in without enough information about the company or the role. Read about their latest news articles, reviews, product launches, mergers and acquisitions, … A well researched candidate will always stand out and be remembered longer by the interviewer, which will increase your chances of getting a job after all the interviews are over.

Second part to this is to write down the questions YOU want to ask them during the interview. Questions can be related to your research or job description, but make sure they are written down. Also make sure to take your questions with you to the interview and lay them out on the table where the interviewer can also see them. This shows you are serious and well prepared.

Dress to Impress:
There is nothing more nerve wrecking then last minute preps. Prepare what you are going to wear a day in advance. Get your kandoora / abaya fresh from the laundry, your footwear, facewear and wristwear ready. This is one less thing off of you mind on the day of the interview.

Lastly, plan to reach you interview location at least 30mins in advance. If you are driving, this 30mins will help you find the parking. If you are cabbing, this 30mins will help you get familiar to your surroundings and settle in, perhaps get a coffee before going to your interview.

All the best!!

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