3 Easy Steps to Personal Branding


If you have been in the job market, you must have heard of the ‘branding’. Living in the digital and social age where most people have at least one, if not multiple social media accounts, what you show and share is the your brand. 

So, to create a personal brand as a job seeker, you need to think of yourself as a solution to the problem that your employer is having, a solution for which they are willing to pay a handsome prices. YOUR mission it to make sure that your customer (the employer) is aware of who you are and how to contact you. 

After speaking to many UAE National job seekers, across all seven Emirates, who have been struggling with job search, our recommendation is a change of strategy

What is a personal branding?

Let’s start with a real life example. When we go to Abu Dhabi for meetings we often Google the best local places for lunch. Google shows the list of all potential restaurants in that area and based on the pictures, menu images, and reviews we would shortlist our search. 

Exactly the same is true with personal branding. Your brand is YOU and it must show Employers how you can help them with their problems and where can they find you. 

Step 1: Resume

Once you have registered on the right platform and increased your visibility, it is now time to build a strong resume.

We strongly recommend uploading your resume here for a FREE Review first, before making any corrections. 

Your resume will determine the next steps after the initial engagement. 

Step 2: Online Presence

Most recruiters will search for your online social media profiles and Google results to get to know you better, before contacting you. 

Make sure your online presence is aligned with your resume and profession.  

Step 3: References

Use your referral network to expand your professional network. This will not always work from memory. We recommend sitting down with your contact list and going through each contact one by one. You will be surprised by how many people you know and how many people are connected directly or indirectly to the companies you want to work with. 

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